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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Information Support Center for Disabled Persons Affected in Flood

Persons with disabilities are last to be rescued in any disaster and disasters lead to disability as well. Plight of the disabled persons in disaster situations is an agenda that deserves a prominent place in the humanitarian work. Reduced mobility means lesser visibility, lesser access and lesser voice. Translated in simple language, this means lesser survival chances.
Having experience of addressing the disability in emergencies STEP (www.step.org.pk) has realized its responsibility to establish an information and support center for the flood affected people across Pakistan. The purpose is to:
Identify disabled persons in flood affected areas
Humanitarian organizations to rescue disabled persons
Ensure accessibility of sanitation and food distribution in shelters
Re-linking displaced disabled persons with their families
We have requested the network of our associated organizations to collaborate with us for effective efforts.
1. Disabled Peoples Organizations (DPOs) are requested to share information of disabled persons affected by flood.
2. Humanitarian and development organizations are requested to keep an eye on disabled people affected by flood and make their interventions as accessible as possible.
3. Media persons are requested to report about disabled persons affected by flood in electronic and press media so that the need could be realized and this graved issue shall be recognized
4. Individual and development organizations are requested to extend their support in kind or cash to support already indentified persons and families
This information support is available round the clock, please contact us for further details on following addresses
Telephone: +92-51-2111331
SMS (Text): +92-(0)308-5004569
E-mail: office@step.org.pk

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